1. Translated by Mohamed Neji Ben Gamra

In today’s edition of “Stories and Lessons” “We conclude that climate is an opportunity for Tunisia to address the economic crisis, including water and food security issues, through a new roadmap based on a sustainable green economy.

This means directing investments towards renewable energy and energy efficiency, integrated water resource management and the development of natural resources, and clean industries.

This was stated by Spokesperson and representative of the National Coordination Unit for Climate Change of the Ministry of Environment, Mohamed Zmerli, in our report today, explaining that the climate is a major challenge involving all individuals from civil society, the private sector, public structures and all components of society without exception to be confronted today with the lack of water resources, food shortage and drought.

This requires the Tunisian state to change its economic development trends and policies. The climate has imposed itself and it is necessary to change the economic paths and orientations to ensure social, economic and environmental balance.