The final logistical and human preparations for hosting the activities of the 5th World Sea Forum in Bizerte, scheduled for September 23, were the focus of a working session held Monday at the governorate headquarters.

The Bizerte governor emphasized the forum’s significance for the economy, tourism, environment, and civilization during the meeting. He also recalled the need for developing practical work plans to lessen the effects of pollution, global warming, unbalanced exploitation of marine resources, and other unresolved issues.

For her part, the World Maritime Forum Director stated that the event’s theme for this year is “2050, the ocean.”
A panel of specialists and oceanologists from Tunisia and other nations will deliver scientific papers during the forum.

The presentations will focus on five main topics: governance, geopolitics and security in the oceans and seas, climate change and biodiversity and how they affect people, knowledge, science, and scientific innovation, the blue economy, technology, and renewable energy sources, and a fifth topic titled “What kind of Mediterranean do we want by 2050?.