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Emel Mathlouthi sings for Nature

Emel Mathlouthi, Tunisian singer of Human Rights and Environmental issues through her musical compositions and performances, captured the world’s attention with “Kelmti Horra” Emel’s latest inspirational work, “Merrouh,” pays tribute to the “roots” of nature and is her expression of the role human actions will play in shaping a sustainable environmental future. We interviewed Emel about her relationship with Nature:
1- What is the relationship of the artist Amal Al-Mathloui and the environment?

I have a very strong relationship with environment, like all Tunisians I have been very close to the sea growing up, so I always run to nature and more and more the last few years especially to record and write music so I learned to respect nature because I feel renewed and reboot after each trip.

2- How do you see the reality of the environment in Tunisia?

Traditionally, we have had good habits that we inherited from our grandmas and mothers in Tunisia, we dont waste, we save everything, we are cautious with water use electricity use and that is a very good environmentally conscious like in every home people save all the plastic containers, plastic bags, we wash and reuse all the ziplock bags and freezer bags etc etc etc.

Somehow those habits may have been lost that is why we see so much plastic waste in the country but at the origin of our culture we are very self aware of not wasting anything

3- What are the motives for performing a song on the environment?

As I was trying to write my new album in the summer of 2016 and fall of 2017 nature imposed itself as the main subject and main character, like a red wire throughout the whole record, I used sounds of nature and made them into percussions and rhythms and sounds across the record. so it inhabited my whole being as I was going through the process of writing songs and arranging them. I felt that nature was using me to become an important voice in my work, at times broken at times menacing but setting the ground for a very organic and powerful musical tribute to it.

4- Do you think that art serves the environment? How is that ?

Art has to serve a purpose, the environment is an important one as music is coming from earth, it is natural that music needs the well being of mother nature in order to keep existing, it cannot look the other way. now more than ever, we need art to push people to be more conscious about the consequences of their bad actions around them.

5- How can environmental art be in direct relationship with individuals for reform, education and education?

Environment is present everywhere, even in the midst of civilization, the air we are breathing, the rain, the snow impose environment to us. we are totally dependent pn the well being of the environment so art has to pay tribute and educate people and children on the importance of respecting nature and the planet and treating it carefully to have any kind of future.

6- Ideals in a speech for Tunisians who are not related to the environment ?

In a country like ours that is so dependent on tourism and agriculture, we cannot close our eyes on pollution. We of all countries we have to be super careful and be very responsible towards our nature, our sea, our beaches, our landscape as we live out of it.

We need to make this a national priority, educate people constantly everywhere so that we finally develop immediate reflexes. it is sad that the government and all political parties dont make this issue an urgent undertaking. we must.

The closing word, a message with a song about the environment

I think the song that to me gives back its throne to nature and places it as a power that is ready to eradicate humanity to get revenge for all the harm done to it is “Merrouh”

مالروح الحافیة

والريح العاتیة

ذكرنا ونسینادارت  الأيام الزاھیة

سكتت الأطیار وغابت الأنوار

 قعدت الأفكار الحالكة

تحفر الأمطار تتبدد الغیوم

ويقعد في الواد كان حیرتو 


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