I would go back one day” Ok how about this …….. (beach) I’m a well travelled individual however one of the outstanding memories I have are from the beaches in Tunisia. After a long and bumpy flight it felt wonderful to take in the the scented breeze of the sea . My bestie and I walked down from our hotel to find our feet on soft
“Iwhite sand on a not too crowded beach
the turquoise clarity of the water breath taking and refreshingly delicious. But the best has yet to come …. after a sensible afternoon nap or siesta as they call it (not sure if you have those) we wandered back down to our favorite spot to find a beautiful scent of evening jasmine blossoms where upon we were adorned with a beautiful soft jasmine flower lei (we thought they were free because we’re pretty) that started out as a perfect beginning to our
TTunisian adventure . It was in 1976 I think . I would go back one day.